Steamed spring curly

Steamed spring curly

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Our spring curly tight curl texture hair that has undergone a special 3-day steaming chemical free process to create a tightly defined textured curl pattern which will give a look like water wave.

These luscious curls have a unique curl pattern that allows you to create a gorgeous tightly curled hairstyle. Each bundle contains approximately 100g
Transform yourself with floxyhairplus collection of steam textured Indian natural human hair extensions is lustrous, tangle free . Through an innovative chemical-free process, this spring curly which inspired a tight water wave curl provides the perfect body of stylish curls and guarantees water wave curly when wet, is fullness, luster and remarkable usability. This can be washed or blow-dried regularly. Each curly selection will have the exact same curl pattern and is reusable for up to a 2 years if carefully taken care of.


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