Kerapro 5 kit

Kerapro 5 kit


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KeraPRO K5: An advanced technology volume-reducing smoothing hair product that is free of formalin and aldehyde, preventing damage and the risk to health. our system is based on carbo-technology, providing great results in terms of hair smoothing, reduction of volume, intense shine, antifrizz action and hydration.

KeraPRO 5 volume reducing and hair smoothing method: pre-treatment shampoo, treatment mask, post treatment shampoo, conditioner serum treatment, pre-treatment anti-frizz serum.

pre-treatment shampoo: Developed to remove the accumulation of products such as: Gel, combing Cream and those generated by other chemical processes. Clean, nourish and make your hair shine using the Carbo-technology

KeraPRO 5 treatment mask: it is a revolutionary formalin-free treatment that is based on carbo-technology, offering great results for hair.

Post Treatment: post-treatment Shampoo: a Shampoo that is Free of salt, cleans, smooths, softens and moisturizes the hair from within, preserving their structure.

Restorative Multi Intensive conditioner: extraordinary treatment formula with an immediate effect which leaves hair hydrated, nourished and with a spectacular shine.

Antifrizz serum: No Rinse Formula, nourishes and protects hair uniquely, reduces frizz and volume.


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